MSDN Deep Dive – Enterprise Integration…

Went to an MSDN Deep Dive session today in Toronto.

Great session – the material was fabulous and the vision MS has for SOA is definately compelling, especially since it is available today and will be more available later on with Indigo and new versions of BizTalk.

I was astounded by how simple it will be to build secure, relible and transactional services that can use any protocol based on the situation. That is what the IT managers need to be told, in simple English.

The widescreen presentation sure made PowerPoint look like crap though, and it was really blurry. Bad blurriness.

Can’t to try see VS 2005 with Team System. I am really looking forward to decent version control! As well, the nUnit tools will be a nice shortcut to solve tedious testing tasks.

More later on this as I get a chance to try stuff out.