What is News?

I read an article today that got me thinking about the nature of “News” and what it means to be delivered news through the normal channels, such as newspapers, television, radio, etc.

I think that we are so used to be TOLD what is news that we have nearly forgotten what it means to experience and report on events ourselves.

Enter blogging.

We need to embrace this medium and expand it! It is a legitimate form of reporting on news through the eyes of the beholder. It doesn’t pretend to be something unbiased or objective (since NOTHING is!). We don’t need an institution like a media network to tell us what is news. Sure, they have the connections and the people in the all the hotpots (supposedly), but what about hearing the news unfiltered through the eyes of the people that are living in the hotspots?

Wouldn’t it be nice to judge for ourselves what is and is not the TRUTH?!


Well, I finally wrote (and passed!) my final exam in the MCSD certification. For those of you who don’t know, it stands for Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and is a tough cert to get.

For my elective exam I wrote 70-229 (SQL Server 2000 Design Exam) and finished off lastly with the 70-300 (.Net Solution Architectures).

This last exam was tough because I had a completely different format (Case Studies) and didn’t allow you to simply study the textbook to memorize all the answers. You had to actually discover your answers from the Case Studies, which is a much better test of knowledge than simply doing multiple choice.

So, hopefully things will continue to go well leading into .Net 2.0, Asp.Net 2.0 etc and then on into Whidbey, Avalon, Indigo, etc.

I can’t wait for the future!