The Web is [not] dead. Long live the Internet.

Just read this article (The iPhone Killed the Open Web, Again) on Gizmodo, referencing this article (The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet) from Wired.  Basically, Wired is saying that the “open web” is giving way to closed or semi-closed services and apps like those we are seeing from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

This is kind of true and kind of not.  The “open web” as I see it is more than a series of links and pages and resources.  It’s a source of CONTENT that needs to be presented in compelling formats.  One of the best ways to format content over the Internet, is the Web, via HTTP and HTML.  Fine.

The biggest new thing on the internet, though, is how the myriad devices and screens that are out will subscribe to and display content in ways that make sense for their specific application and audience.

If it so happens that the web browser on an iPhone never gets used anymore – who cares? 

What interests me is the idea that we as developers can produce content and content APIs that gets used in whatever way we allow it to be.  That’s the future of the internet – content APIs that can be attributed back to the content owner or distributer.  The days of leeching content over the web are, I hope, going away.

more later – joel.

Used TomTom for iPhone over the summer hols–loved it

We took a long-ish drive into northern Ontario and I wanted to ensure that we had decent map coverage on our phones even when we were out of a coverage area (which was fairly often on some of the back roads).

The TomTom iPhone app – only $39 for the Canada/Alaska version – worked tremendously.  I found that it would naturally route us using major highways, but if we wanted to skirt through a particular town, that was easy to do.

The GPS on the iPhone 4 worked perfectly, and all turns and notifications were spot-on.  The fast app switching of iOS 4 meant that we didn’t lose notifications when my wife wanted to change the music coming over bluetooth (which worked perfectly, as well).

The only thing I can think of that would be swell is the ability to route the audio through the headset profile for bluetooth instead of the A2DP so that you can still get notifications when the car’s audio was switch to the radio or CD instead of bluetooth audio.