Last week before we enter the hall for White Christmas

This show has been a brilliant experience thus far.  I started out auditioning for a part that I mostly wanted for the music – there are a ton of numbers that push my range and vocal ability far enough that they are a challenge, but still doable.  Back in the summer, I don’t think I could have sung them all back-to-back, though.

But I’ve been working at it – trying to go through at least one number every day and pushing the range in my warm-ups so that the pieces with higher/lower notes come more easily now.

Yesterday, we rehearsed for two hours with the orchestra.  They sounded great, but a vocalist can be pretty drowned out by a 20 piece band (especially this band, with such a strong and dynamic brass section).  I learned a valuable lesson – don’t over-sing your bounds!  I pushed it a little bit on the high-G on Blue Skies and cracked a bit on both run-throughs.  It’s nice to know I can recover from it, since the G is repeated and I lost it on the first one only, but it’s a tough lesson.  I’ll have to rein in the volume and make sure the control is there… hopefully the folks running sound can balance everything out.

All in all, it was a good day.

more later – joel

The New Twitter

Got the new twitter today. I am so happy. Except it’s broken. Everytime I try to tweet, I get “Sorry! We did something wrong!”

Now I have to blog because I can’t tweet. I wish I could tweet this blog entry.