What I did with my iPhone 4 this morning before work


5:50am (at home)

  • Woke up to the iPhone alarm

6:35am (waiting for the train)

  • Checked email (Exchange and Gmail)
  • Checked Google News / Facebook / Twitter
  • Read the Globe and Mail

7:10am (on train)

  • Finished an episode from Mad Men on Netflix
  • Updated outline for my 3rd and 4th novel from OneNote
  • Proofed a chapter of my second novel and made annotation using iBooks
  • Phone my wife to wake her and the kids up for school
  • Made a new audio playlist of good walking songs

8:25am (walk to work)

  • Listened to the new playlist


Go back in time and ask me if this is all possible on a phone?  I’d say no way in hell.

Also, when I get home, I plan on recording some music on FourTrack (multi-track recording app), and then possibly going for a drive in the country (which I will navigate via the TomTom app). 

Ok, I made up the bit about going driving…


more later – joel

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