Scott Adams is Dilbert vs Scott Adams is the Pointy Haired Boss


I just spent the last while reading through Scott Adams’ post here where he makes a veiled apology for his comments here on metafilter.  I’ll let you make your own judgement, but in my opinion it’s all pretty funny, really.  Mostly because from Adams’ point of view, he’s just changing the conversation from one where he’s immoral as a person who doesn’t respect women/men/children/science/religion to one where he’s immoral as a person who defends himself on the internet while pretending to be someone else.

As I mentioned earlier, he makes a veiled apology for the second thing.  It’s veiled because, really, why should he have to apologize, anyway?  Especially for comments made on a site like where everyone has an alias anyways, comments HAVE to be taken with a grain of salt no matter where you go on the internet.  Folks like John Gruber at don’t even allow comments on their sites. Scott has comments on his blog, and he even reads them himself, the trooper.

Most of the people attacking Scott are talking about his lack of morality, but he really sees it all as entertainment for moist robots.  The whole conversation (as it has spread across the web) is fun reading, for the most part.  Adams is demoted to near-Sheen territory in some cases.  But really, who are we kidding, Adams doesn’t care if we think of him as Dilbert or the Pointy Haired Boss – he just wants to read his comic and visit his website.

And now that I’ve written this blog, a couple more people might.  Weird.

more later – joel