Make Agility More Awesome

Today at Agility Inc, we are taking the entire day to make the company, our products, or any part of our jobs “more awesome”.  We do this every so often to give time to ideas that none of us ever thought we were thinking of, or to give crazy ideas a chance to rise up.
The thing is, days like this remind me why working with technology is so much fun!  It’s the experimenting, the trying things out, the risky stuff that just might work, but we never figured it would be this cool kind of stuff.
Bring it on.

more later – joel

Descendant: editing pass complete


I’ve just finished the latest pass of editing for Descendant. 

All the tangles are wound up tightly where a single pull will unravel them and all of the loose ends are tucked away neatly where only a sequel will reach them.

No, really, it’s so close to being done… I can feel it.

I think I’ll get a copy bound today to get a more critical perspective….

This weekend?  Paddling, fishing, and cover design!


more later – joel

It’s Free! (Again)

cover - kindle
Amazon is letting me do another promotion for how the world ends
It’s free for the next five days!

Editing like mad

I have just finished my second sangria (homemade and not that strong) and I now feel compelled to write the following: I am not changing the damned title.  In fact, I am changing it back, and no power on earth may otherwise combine or appear to make me change my mind.

You hear me?


New Cover

cover - kindle

After watching a TED talk by Chip Kidd regarding book design, I thought I would spend a few minutes and update the cover for how the world ends.  Amazon still hasn’t pushed the change through to the Kindle store yet, but the updated version is above.  If you’ve read the book, I presume you’ll get it, but if you haven’t I hope it makes you wonder.

One of the things that I’ve striven towards in many aspects of what I do (not limited to writing, but that’s the big one) is not so much amazing, stunning, wonderful, or even great.  What on earth do those things even mean, anyways, when everyone talks about them so much?  I don’t think I can take much more amazing

Surely the beauty of our world is something more subtle than that. 

Surely the blood that runs through our veins is driven by a force more powerful than words, and thus we should not use words to describe it.

Hence the new cover.