About the trailer for Vimy

VOS Theatre has started making video trailers for their productions.  It’s a good way to promote a show online, and it provides a better way for us to display the kinds of things that the show will represent onstage.

For Vimy, I wanted to show some of the faces in the show, along with some of the spare but evocative set pieces that have been built, as well as the excellent costumes and replica weapons and webbing that have been constructed for the production.

And, more than anything, I wanted to show off Bea to everyone.  She’s the lifeblood of the show, its force and its direction.  When I first met her, it struck me how strong a vision she had for the play, and how much she wanted to see it come to life.  I took only a few or her comments for this clip, just enough for us to tease out a bit of what we might see in the play.

Keep in mind, too, that this was filmed in the VOS Barn, which has “wonderful” fluorescent lights, so I put in only two shots of actual rehearsal footage.  One shows the four soldiers as they are coming into the front-line trenches, the other shows Clare and Laurie on a picnic by the ocean.  I hope that this shows some of the breadth of scope that an audience can expect here.  I put the rehearsal scenes in black and white and added a spotlight effect to dispel some of the glare of the barn lights, and to give a bit more depth to the limited space.

The sounds underneath are from the actual soundscape, which was produced by Todd Charlton, of Stratford.  The way he mixes and blends the sounds of war with waves and thunder and Chopin are just… more than words can say. 

The coolest thing about this play is that it is so cinematic, playing with time and incorporating dreams and flashbacks into the timeline.  Bea has shown absolute commitment to her vision of the story, and her imagination has taken us to places that make for some truly remarkable and beautiful theatre. 

“It’s a crie de coeur.”

Hopefully some footage or at least some photos of the actual stage will be available soon to give you another taste of what is to come on the 11th.

See you there.

more later – joel

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