Kathy’s Song

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One of my favourite songs.

Believe–from The Polar Express

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I felt like recording some music the other day, so I did.  I used my iPhone and FourTrack.  Worked a treat.  Then I took some footage around the house with my Panasonic point and shoot and added in some photos from the Christmas pageant and the play White Christmas.

Hope you like it!


How to make yourself humble as a male vocalist: listen to this.

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Colm Wilkinson from the original Les Mis production singing “bring him home”.

Favourite version of “Blue Skies”: Eva Cassidy

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Singing Pepper Choplin this Sunday…


We’ll be doing We Are Not Alone at Trinity Unity Church in Cobourg.  It’s our first anthem of the 2010-11 season, so I’m really looking forward to it.  Pepper Choplin has a nice way of dramatizing his lyrics and music together.  Here’s an example of the song.

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I first sang some stuff by Pepper Choplin back in Ajax with St Paul’s United Church.  That was for Easter, and we did Once Upon a Tree.  My favourite song in that cantata is Gethsemane.  Here’s an example of that song performed by a choir in West Virginia. 

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more later – joel

I’ve got some serious vocal work to do…

I’ve been working on my voice all summer, but I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  I still can’t sustain a decent G they way I need to and my vibrato is still out of control in the mid ranges. 

I think the theatre aspect of singing is what’s getting me down; basically, it means you have to project your voice in a far different way compared to when you are singing in a studio or even at a regular vocal performance.  In other words, dance + singing is way tougher than just singing.  No surprise there…

What am I doing to figure this out?  Circular breathing, scales with the piano (focusing on mid-range, not the highs/lows), and pretty much getting back to the basics of good singing with real support and balance so that when I start moving around, vocals shouldn’t be something to think about – they should just come naturally.

The thing I like best about music is that there’s always something else to work on, a new level to reach for, and sometimes that can mean revisiting something you thought you may have nailed ages ago.

more later – joel

I’m liking the latest Eminem songs

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but the dude seems… different.