En Route to Halifax–Day 1


Let’s get one thing straight right now: if you can afford Via1 (their business class) get it.  It’s worth it for the drinks alone.  Being slightly half-cocked for much of one’s train travel is definitely the more human, and let’s face it, civilized way to travel. 


Also clever is the childlike capability of meeting new kids and playing with them like best friends.  And doing it in the club car is even better.

Stage one our trip was from Cobourg to Montreal.  That was fine.  Then a couple of hours in Montreal in the lounge, and onto Train 14 to Halifax.


The caboose on this train (The Ocean – running since 1904, didn’t you know) is called The Park car.  It has a domed ceiling and would have been awesome to smoke cigarettes in during the 1950s.  We had to settle for sparkling wine, which is just fine, thanks very much. 


Apparently there was also a sunset, which happens every night, just not quite as wickedly as this.  I’ll let you know tomorrow about that.

RIght now I am cramped (all six foot three inches of me) in the bottom bunk of a bed meant for a smallish munchkin, or perhaps a child leprechaun.  As long as I don’t exhale, it will be wonderful and refreshing.  The iPhone is charging splendidly in the bathroom, so at least it will have some beauty sleep.


As long as I have plenty of these tomorrow, I should be okay.

G’night – see you in Halifax tomorrow…


more later – joel


UPDATE:  Forgot to mention that watching the scenery slide by whilst lounging here on my bed writing this is totally bloody surreal and awesome.

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