Everybody’s talking about Flipboard – ‘cause it’s AWESOME

Flipboard.comYou can check out a video of this fab iPad app here from http://scobleizer.com.  It goes along with the whole trend we’ve been a part of with web 2.0 – blogging, twitter, facebook etc, and brings a ton of these things together in a nice format.

The weak point, as I discovered last night, is that it relies on some pretty heavy lifting on Flipboard’s servers.  If they can somehow get around that, then their algorithms will be even better to determine what content is appropriate for a given user.

It makes me wonder if that is another, albeit more hidden, more insidious, yet useful trend, among website and web content providers in general: snooping our habits to give us a “better” or “more personalized” experience.  Isn’t it great that Amazon or Google know so much about me that they can show me ads for products that I just have to have?

My real question is this: Will stuff like Flipboard, which I love, make me more or less informed?  Will I be smarter or dumber now that everything I need is placed before me with ease?


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