I need an agent.

I’ve had my second novel, Descendent, finished for a while now, and I am wondering whether I should self publish on Amazon again, or find an agent.

I self published my first novel, How the World Ends, on the Kindle, to see what would happen.  It sold several hundred copies with positive reviews, without any real effort on my part.  I think it’s worth spending the energy this time around to do it right in terms of marketing and finding the right publisher, but I need help in that regard.

Here’s the pitch for Descendent:

Six-year-old Laurel has been six years old for two-thousand years.  He doesn’t age, but a group of assassins have been trying to kill him for centuries.  Vincent Carpenter is a former Special Forces operative. The two meet at Manchester airport as Vincent is attempting to prevent a terrorist attack.  The target is the boy.  Vincent, we discover, has been his protector since the days of ancient Rome.  As they attempt to outrun their pursuers, Vincent begins to remember his previous lives, and Laurel “takes” him there with his every touch.

Descendant is part thriller and part historical novel. It’s a story that moves swiftly through many different settings, and at 75,000 words, it’s a quick and exciting read.  I think it’s a very marketable book.

Contact me (joelvarty at gmail dot com) if you think you know an agent that might be interested, and I will send a portion of the manuscript through.

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