It is all just a love story…

But, the thing is, you never really know what to think about it. As an audience, you’re trying to piece together the whole chronology of the thing, and then you think it’s over, and then you get the thing at the end.

There I gave it all away without spoiling, see?

The thing is – there are 2 love stories happening in parallel. You have to pay close attention to what everyone is saying, and in some cases Bea has staged it so that the 2 couples are positioned in the same way in different scenes.

But what really gets me is that they are both love triangles with an “entity” as the third wheel. In one case, we might think of it as war, but in another case, we could look at “society” as thee third factor. But you could also insert any number of things in there that come between folks in love in troubled times.

Just a love story.

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