I’ve got some serious vocal work to do…

I’ve been working on my voice all summer, but I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  I still can’t sustain a decent G they way I need to and my vibrato is still out of control in the mid ranges. 

I think the theatre aspect of singing is what’s getting me down; basically, it means you have to project your voice in a far different way compared to when you are singing in a studio or even at a regular vocal performance.  In other words, dance + singing is way tougher than just singing.  No surprise there…

What am I doing to figure this out?  Circular breathing, scales with the piano (focusing on mid-range, not the highs/lows), and pretty much getting back to the basics of good singing with real support and balance so that when I start moving around, vocals shouldn’t be something to think about – they should just come naturally.

The thing I like best about music is that there’s always something else to work on, a new level to reach for, and sometimes that can mean revisiting something you thought you may have nailed ages ago.

more later – joel

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