Loving the iPhone 4, in many many ways

I have had the iPhone 4 since launch day in Canada (July 28), having been lucky enough to be the tenth person in line at Rogers in Cobourg, where they had 10 phones allocated.

Why is this phone so much better? Is it packed with more features?

Not really. The video camera is new, but it actually just more usable as a camera, and that thought follows through to the whole device and to iOS 4 itself.

Fast app switching, along with background audio and processing, means I can flip from facebook, twitter, browser, mail, phone, camera, tomtom, etc without any loss of anything. That’s what I have been looking for in a device and didn’t even know it, since I was pretty darn happy with my iPhone 3G, and I have been touting it’s wonders since it’s launch day more than two years ago.

The front facing camera is a big new feature, but I haven’t used it yet. Once it integrates with Skype, PS3, and Xbox for video messaging, then I will be exciting.

There are still a couple of areas for vast improvement, too. The notifications system seems a bit wonky, and it would be nice to be able to control those a bit better. For instance, if I pick up my phone and I have 2 calendar invites and 3 facebook messages, I don’t necessarily want to only see the last notification. There’s gotta be a better way to visualize those things. It’s a minor beef, though, to be sure.

More later – joel

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