Seven Part Harmony

Seven parts of harmony on the title number for Oklahoma! (I love that the exclamation point is part of the show’s name – it makes everything so exciting…).  We had a really good rehearsal and this piece is sounding just brilliant.

Anyways, seven parts.  That’s just gold.  We have no weak sections (well, maybe my section, 2nd tenor, cause there’s only a couple of us, and I have a solo on TOP of the seven harmonies at one point)… but honestly, the sound mix is really, really good.  The ladies are singing 3 parts and all ranges are really audible within each other.  In the men, the parts are simple enough so that the “cool” accidental notes can really be sung with confidence.

In general the, the music for this show, while not being simple, is in my opinion, meant to be sung in a very straightforward style.  In fact, that kind of is the style – straightforward.  That way, when something strays from the straightforward, (like a cowboy selling his saddle, horse and gun) really stands out.

This is gonna be fun…

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