SOPA Protest Response

MG Siegler on the MPAA response to SOPA protests. His best line:

“The truth is that the Internet, like all the other technologies before it, is a transformative tool that could scale the film industry to new heights (in terms of both popularity and profit). But such an end requires some work and some rethinking.”

It’s a fun read from his first (I think) post on PandoDaily. Probably because it’s so hard to imagine a corporation like the MPAA or any of the big media companies actually learning about the technology that bills like SOAP would manipulate. Any learning done by these institutions seems to be done after the fact, and certainly not for the same reasons you or I would have. These folks seems to cling to the past as if it wasn’t just as scary and unknown as the present when it first came about.

Back to the SOPA protests. Maybe it’s just me, but yesterday kinda felt like an online version of Washington D.C., August 28, 1963. I wasn’t there, though, so what could I know? The thing is, it’s the only “protest” I’ve ever witnessed that was a combined, concerted effort where folks, led by Wikipedia, Flickr, and others, actually made an effort to educate the public on their stance, and it seems to have worked. And as far as I know, nobody burned any cars, and no police fired rubber bullets at the crowd. And it spawned as really great comic from

Another favourite writer, Cory Doctorow, puts the shoe on the other foot for MPAA CEO Chris Dodd, noting that his abuses of power include the insertion of contradictory and malignant warnings in the front of practically every commercial video disc ever sold.

Doctorow was writing for the website BoingBoing.  His stuff is always solid, and worth really thinking about.

These two guys, Siegler and Doctorow are becoming my most respected writers about this industry on the web.  I find that I’ve stopped following branded news agencies as much as I follow individuals via their twitter or tumblr feeds.

Image above pulled from PandoDaily

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