The Privateers of Liverpool


This is the old lighthouse at Liverpool, Nova Scotia.  The neatest thing about it is that you can go right inside and see the view from there.  This was a lighthouse that had a live-in keeper and there is a good story about the keeper’s son who was a awarded a silver dollar from a schooner’s captain in 1936 upon successfully guiding the vessel through the fog using the horn. 

The thing about Liverpool? Virtually empty.  We didn’t see any other visitors in the whole place, hardly at all.


Later we stopped at Beach Meadows.  It’s a heck of a nice beach, even on a windy day.  In fact, I think we had as much fun there in the rain as we would have had in the sun.  It really is a treat to have the place to yourselves.



Actually, we weren’t totally alone…



Back at the cove, Poseidon was not happy.



However, when you are after a decent photograph, that’s not such a bad thing.



more later – joel

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