The world is different than it was twelve years ago

I started working as a software developer twelve years ago.  I was coding LotusScript (hard to write that without cringing now) and Java for web enabling a CRM app on Domino server.  I think those products are still available now – although IBM bought them and changed the message.  I gave it up when the transition to DB2 from NSF never materialized and writing Java on the backend never got better.  Maybe that’s changed now – I don’t know.

I moved to .Net and haven’t really looked back.  Everything in ASP.Net has made sense to me – even when it didn’t make and sense.  For instance, the whole idea of server controls was a great idea at the time – it was certainly a reaction to the crap we’d seen from ASP 3 and it was vastly different from PHP.  Server controls are still there, but we’ve moved past them (at least for new stuff…).

Now the focus is on MVC style ASP.Net apps, which makes the world way easier to understand.  Beyond being able to test each layer of the app and to more easily separate the concerns of each of them with tighter rules, we can finally draw a direct line from the start of the web request all the way through to the end without having to recurse through all the various events on each server control that may or may not be rendering at any given time.  Life is a bit easier.

I’ve moved from just getting things onto the web (which funnily enough was a tough sell back in 1999) to making things easier to develop with (which ASP.Net web forms is essentially) to making things more robust for apps and sites that can be built upon and expanded over time without losing their underlying usefulness of design.  Oh, I worked to build this little thing in there too. 

What’s really cool, is that Agility CMS hasn’t really changed in six and a half years.  We’ve just expanded the base and tried to make it simpler and easier.

Funny.  12 years.

More later – joel

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