Vimy preview tonight, opens tomorrow, 11/11/11

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We are ready to go.  Tonight’s preview is for the peace-week group from the Cobourg YMCA, and there is a question and answer period with Vern Thiessen and the whole team after the show.  Thiessen will be appearing via live video feed.  Should be interesting.

I was poking around Amazon the other day and saw my original review of this script:

Vern Thiessen has created what I consider a masterful play that revolves around an essential part of the the Canadian experience. Many believe that Canada became a nation during the battle of Vimy Ridge in WWI, and this play samples from that idea.
This play is beautiful in its use of time and memory in a surprisingly contemporary cross-section of folks from Canada. The staging is simple, and though the stage directions are sparse, it reads in a very visual way.
Read it, and if you can, see it.

Still fits.

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