What I learned in 2011

It isn’t quite over yet, but I think Dec 23rd, riding home on the train, is a good time to reflect on it.

2011 was a good year. A great year. The kind of year that should stick out for the kind of reasons that don’t usually come about too often.

Do you ever have that feeling that things are just falling into place? Like stuff could have gone either way but it just worked out? I’ve kind of had that feeling ever since I met my wife Jacqueline, but 2011 really cemented that for me. Like the universe and I are on the same page. Like the people I have around me are on the same page, and with a little momentum, moving in the same direction. It feels like good poetry does after it’s clicked with you.

I’ve learned that hard work pays off, and so does patience. And it pays to have great family and friends. And it pays to not try too hard to get paid. It pays to be rich in all the other ways.

I took risks in 2011. I never looked back, only forward. I got burned, but I got tougher, too. I was supported, and I had the ball picked up for me when I dropped it.

These are the kind of things that I will struggle towards forever. I will find the simple poetry in life, and that will lead me home.

More later – joel

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