What stays with me

During the run of VIMY we would centre ourselves as actors before the show by having a little scrum on the stage before the show. Some called it our “energy circle” and we each looked forward to it. It took us to the place we needed to be.

Basically, we stood in a circle and held onto the person beside by hooking arms on each others shoulders. Some would close their eyes, others would stare ahead, up down, whatever.

It worked for us. It was profound. For me it conjured visions of myself in places I can’t even describe. It was a moment that, while unexpected, I think we all looked forward to every night.

On closing night we invited the entire crew to take part, and so we had a circle of many more than usual in Victoria Hall. I think it affected us all in different ways, and I haven’t come back from that place yet. Not fully.

Not sure if I will, ever.

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