Why do we have “bloatware”?

When you buy a new PC, you have to deal with a barrage of crap you need to delete before the thing is usable.  Now this is happening with Android phones.

They obviously don’t give a damn about the user’s experience.  Didn’t they see the movie Tron?  Is this what sets Apple apart most of all? I think so.  I don’t own a Mac, but I recommend them to family members and friends, mostly so I know they won’t have to ask me for help setting it up.  I have an iPhone 3G and I will certainly purchase an iPhone 4 so that my wife can finally ditch her crippled Nokia 5300 “music phone” that can’t even play music properly.

This reminds me of a book I am reading called “Rework”, by the folks from 37signals.  If you look at “bloatware” as the only thing bringing you a decent monetization, than maybe the model is wrong…

Ironically, my blog here is bloated with Google ads… but that’s just an experiment.


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