My Story Thus Far - Part 1

I’ve been working at Agility since February 2005. The company has gone through many changes and iterations, just like the Agility technology platform itself. 

It was October of 2013. The announcement came through that Jon Voigt will take over as CEO and sole proprietor of Agility Inc. The memory stands indelibly etched on my mind; I felt overwhelmed by all the changes that were going to take place as a result of this transaction. I recall taking a now famous “lap” around the block at our office and trying to put my life into perspective. Folks who were in the office that day still talk about that moment and how they were wondering "What's Next?" . It was a real gut check for me. It turns out that, with a little courage, change can be a pretty great thing.

At that point, we needed to be lean and mean. We started to whittle away all the things that weren’t essential. Our strategy team alone went from 9 people down to 3. We started calling up our partners and clients and telling them about our strategy - to provide them with a great platform that would evolve with their business and give them the best customer service.

We re-tooled our core values, making them about actions instead of just words – about what we did on a moment to moment basis every day. These values, once we had them defined, helped us smash the rocks in our path and to drop the rusty anchors that were holding us back.

  • Build Trusting Relationships
  • Be a Leader
  • Lead With Service
  • Find a Way
  • Advocate Health and Happiness in Your Community

I hope you can see how these values apply both at home and at work, in the office and with our customers, partners, and in the greater community.

What happened next? Folks responded. Big time. People who hadn’t spoken to us in a long time started emailing, clients were delighted to be included in conversations about new platform features, and the interview process with new candidates became testimonials to how people were talking about Agility. We talk about our core values a lot, and we want to work with people who understand how important they are to us.

These core values and the company embarking on a journey to expand our services and support have helped us grow from a small team of 7 in 2013 to 30 people (and growing) 4 years later in 2017. I am proud to be part of the Agility family and celebrating our 15th anniversary on July 19th in our new home at 257 Adelaide St W

Here’s to us continuing to grow and change.